I can't be here, I got priors

I can't be here, I got priors...

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Dear The Tumblr

Do any of you snap chat? You should add me if you do or give me your name. I’m BaronVonY0l0 (protip: the oh’s in yolo are actually zeros)

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Can ‘basic white boys’ be a thing and be like, 100000 times more popular than this whole ‘basic white girls’ thing because I’m done with men mocking women in a subtle way for liking shit like excuse me, why are you making fun of girls in ugg boots and leggings when you look like a potato that just happened to roll into some dirty basketball shorts.


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Chinese Short Sword

  • Medium: steel, jade, silver, cloisonne, turquoise, jasper
  • Measurements: overall length 25 inches, blade length 19 1/2 inch

The sword has a straight double edged single fuller blade set onto a 1 9/10 inch wide, 1/5th inch thick round jade guard - white/green in color with silver panels at front and rear. The grip is smooth round jade, light green with darker green streaked accents fitted with a three inch long silver collar with a floral shaped border along the bottom, and a round pommel cap, both of which are both over 90% covered in attractive multi-colored wireless cloisonne enamel.

The collar is showing an extensive vinework in yellow, blue, green and brown radiating from a green, yellow and gray floral bloom. This also has additional floral designs on the edge and a light blue background. There are also similar vines around the side of the cap with a single blooming flower covering the bottom.

Similar decoration is present on the scabbard, with the addition of a number of green and red stone (possibly turquoise and jasper) accents, with a 2 7/8 inch long silver throat decorated with raised cloisonne accented Eastern dragons, including a large 3-dimensional horned dragon head consuming the sun (a reference to the ancient mythology of the cause of solar eclipses).

The latter doubles as the base for two suspension rings, 12 individual rings of white/green jade, between 5/8 to 3/4 inch long each, with 11 floral cloisonne and stone decorated silver bands between them. There’s a silver tip with additional raised dragon designs and wire outlined stone accents and finally a green jade endcap with a silver flower on the flared end.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Rock Island Auctions

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